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Examples of its pre Hispanic past can be appreciated in places of important findings such as La Garañona, El Risco de los Angeles, Cueva de los Viejos, Barranco de Acentejo, Risco del Castillo, La Baranda, Las Breñas, where there are dwelling caves, and sepulchres (some with mummies) showing different tools used by the guanches.

A walk through the historic area is an attractive spectacle due to the examples of domestic buildings built in island style.

Specially notable is the Classic Music Season, that programs concerts at the Municipal Auditorium with groups related to the Tenerife Symphonic Orchestra and the Teobaldo Power Camera Orchestra. It is complemented all year long by treaties subscribed by the Insular Chapter, autonomous government and different island organizations for theatre, dance, music, and folklore.

The representation of the Lord’s Epiphany or Act of the Three Wise Men, an annual event that takes place on a scenario of more than 2 000 m 2 and with a cast of approximately 400 actors, it is without a doubt, the most important manifestation where all the town participates, since it unites the efforts of each and every one of the municipality’s groups and a multitude of town dwellers.

Among the local celebrations, the most notable are those of San Pedro Apostle (the Sunday closest to June 29th) and that of San Nicolás. For the latter, it is a tradition to bless bread and to deal it out, then the pieces are thrown to the rooftops of the houses, as an augury for abundant rains.

El Sauzal
January 5th Representation of the Living Bethlehem (Cavalcade of the Wise Men).
Beginning of March San José
End of April – Beginning of March Our Lady of Los Angeles
First Week in May The Holy Cross. El Calvario
June 29th Patron Festivities of San Pedro Apostle
July 19 – 25th The Holy Crosses. Ravelo
September 10th San Nicolás

Cultural Interest Centres

El Sauzal Municipal Auditorium

Phone: 922 560 427

House of Honey (Casa de La Miel). La Baranda

Phone: 922 562 711

Hose of Wine (Casa del Vino). La Baranda

Its court with its wine press was an ancient Canary farmstead from the XVII century, property today of the Tenerife Chapter House. It is dedicated to the island’s wine promotion.

Phone: 922 572 535 / 572 542

Culture Council of the Guildhall of the Villa of El Sauzal

Phone: 922 573 038

Las Tosquillas garden (Privately Owned)

Located on San Nicolás street, 105

Phone: 922 561 553

Arte Room and Caja Canarias Exhibit. Guildhall of the Villa

Phone: 922 573 038

For Complete cultural information concerning Tenerife and the Canaries visit www.tenerifeculture.com


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